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What hours are Ryderwear Gyms open?

Our retail store and gym reception is open from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday including Public Holidays and 9am-5pm Saturday and Sundays.

Our gym is open 24/7 to members using their gym access key.

Can I use multiple locations? 

You sure can.

If you have a membership with Ryderwear Gyms you can access all of our Gyms.

Can I use a Giftcard from the Online Ryderwear Business in store? 

Unforutnately you wont be able to use an online giftcard instore, however we are currently working on our own giftcards so stay tuned.

How much are casual visits?

You can come in for a once off visit and session for $15.  

Can I return items in store? 

You can only return items if you have purchased them from the retail space in the gym. We are unable to accept any online order returns.

Do you have a cooling off period for memberships?

We have a 6 day cooling off period if you change your mind about your gym membership.

Do you have Personal Trainers? 

We certainly do.

We are currently building up the team for each gym but you can contact the gym you frequently visit and the gym staff will be able to assist you with a Personal Trainer.

Do you have classes?

We don't have classes in our gyms however some of our Personal Trainers will be offering small group training in the near future.  

What is the notice period for the No Lock in membership? 

We have a 2 week notice period for the no lock in contract membership. You can still use the gym during this 2 weeks.

Does any of the Ryderwear Gyms have a creche?

At this stage none of our Gyms have a creche.