We're Levelling Up

Ryderwear Gym Fam,

We hope you’re living your best life & hitting your goals at Ryderwear gym! We’re reaching out to you with some important news.

The Ryderwear Gym is about to level up with a brand new security system that offers an even safer experience for our community (while also helping us get ready for all of the big things we’ve got coming in the future, hint hint). 

Because of these changes, all members will require a shiny new access key to enter Ryderwear Gym, which we will be providing free of charge. 

To get your hands on your new access key, simply come and see our legendary team any time or day after 2PM on Monday 6th December during staffed hours (6AM-9PM - 7 Days). We’ll quickly set you up with your new access key and dispose of your old one.

After Monday 6th of December, your current key will not work, so we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. But also get excited for an even better gym experience and for all of the epic things we’ve got in store for our Ryderwear community! 

While you’re in store, don’t forget that our Black Friday sale is still on with a minimum 40% off on all of our iconic training apparel and accessories!

If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking here.